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About Circuit Gallery

Circuit Gallery specializes in limited editions of contemporary photographic, digital, and print-based works on paper.

Our Mission & Model

Circuit Gallery represents an important new way of buying and selling contemporary art. Our mission and model are simple. We want to make interesting, significant, quality, contemporary art more accessible by making it more affordable. We are able to do this by selling the work in relatively large editions (our editions are generally limited to 500). In essence we have inverted the conventional and more exclusive art world formula of high prices for small editions or unique objects (needless to say prohibitive for most).

By offering works in larger editions we are able to effectively keep the cost of the work low, while simultaneously being a viable and attractive option for serious contemporary artists. Circuit Gallery is fundamentally artist-centered and is conceived as a complement to conventional gallery (or dealer) representation; an alternative means to circulate great work to a wider audience.

How We Work

Our gallery is primarily a virtual one that sells high-end editions online. By virtue of the internet we hope to reach an ever-growing audience of contemporary art enthusiasts.

The art we sell is of the same quality, caliber or significance, as that found in respected contemporary galleries; it is just that we strongly believe in making art more accessible and are working with our artists to achieve this.

While we do not have an exclusive relationship with our artists (some artists have conventional galleries and dealers through whom you can see and purchase other works) all our editions are exclusive to Circuit Gallery.
You will not find them anywhere else.

While the online retail element will always be a vital part of what we do, we recognize the essential importance of direct cultural and social interaction. Like you, we want and need to do things face-to-face in physical spaces. Learn more about our special Exhibitions, Projects and Collaborations.

About Our Editions

We offer the editions as ink-jet prints (giclée) or digital c-prints (chromogenic photographs). The artist chooses the printing method and paper for their work. All our prints are made with the greatest attention to quality and a concern for permanence. We use only top-quality archival inks and fine-art papers for our ink-jet prints.

The artists whose work we sell are asked to offer their work at a minimum of one of our three standard sizes. Each size is offered in a limited edition of 500 and sold at a price you can afford.

  • 8 x 10 - $30
  • 11 x 14 - $60
  • 16 x 20 - $120

We also give our artists an opportunity to offer their work in a more conventional manner should they wish by choosing the variable option. Here the artist can choose a custom size, set the edition number, and name their own price.

All our editions are supervised by the artist and are accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

We add new editions on a regular basis and are always on the lookout for new and exciting work.
(Learn more about Submissions.)

About Our Artists

From emerging to established, all the artists we choose to work with possess a unique vision and are producing art of the highest quality.

As you will discover from a quick survey of their bios and resumes, the accomplishments and activities of these artists are impressive. On an international stage these range from inclusion in such prestigious collections as the George Eastman House (GEH) International Museum of Photography (Bill Finger) and the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography (Robert Bean), screenings at the Sundance Film Festival and Transmediale in Berlin (David Clark), to museum exhibitions, art fairs and dealer representation. And this is not to mention the numerous solo and group exhibitions, awards, grants, publications, and reviews that can be found listed under each of their names.

See the complete list of current artists and learn more about each artist, their work, and respective accomplishments on the individual "Artist Gallery" pages.

About Our Blog

The essence, beauty, and power of working online are in the limitless potential for interactivity. At Circuit Gallery we are committed to open, critical, and dynamic dialogue about what we do, the art we offer and the state of art today. With accessibility and inclusivity as our watch words how could we be otherwise? So, please, dive into our blog. You can read informative articles and original postings, hear about events and artist's news, ask us questions, make suggestions, or just tell us what you think - Circuit Gallery Blog.

Who is Circuit Gallery

Circuit Gallery is the shared vision and collaborative product of Susana Reisman and Claire Sykes. When Susana (an artist) and Claire (an art historian) met, they quickly discovered that their different perspectives converged on a shared desire to bring more art into the lives of more people. They saw a need to re-examine the market tensions, specifically the role of artificial scarcity, in creating value in the art market today.

"We became deeply interested in this question of 'value' – where it resides when it comes to photography and digital art. Digital technologies have changed both the way many contemporary artists now work (especially photographers) and how we can distribute and enjoy various types of imagery. We recognized a fundamental paradox in curtailing the circulation and enjoyment of an art that is by its nature infinitely reproducible without loss of quality."

"Surely the success and value of art cannot be measured in financial terms alone."

"For us, Circuit Gallery is a complimentary and parallel means of circulating art. It’s really pretty simple; we love this art and we want to share it with as many people as we can.
" — Susana and Claire

Susana Reisman

Susana was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1977. She received a BA in Economics from Wellesley College (Boston, MA) in 1999 and an MFA in photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, New York) in 2005. After teaching photography for a number of years, Susana now dedicates her time to making art and running Circuit Gallery. She lives and works in Toronto. An internationally exhibiting artist, she is represented by Peak Gallery (Toronto) and Spazio Zero Gallery (Caracas).

Claire Sykes

Claire holds graduate degrees in Art History (Western, 1999) and Visual and Cultural Studies (University of Rochester, 2006). She is dedicated to working in the arts and interested in both contemporary work and historical practice. Alongside her work for Circuit Gallery, Claire is Curator and Program Director for Cape Farewell (North America) a non-profit foundation that brings artists and scientist together to create projects that seek to capture the public’s attention and bring the realities of climate change down to a human scale. She is currently curating with David Buckland an ambitious multi-art project entitled Carbon 14: Climate is Culture for the Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto). Claire brings over fifteen years of practical experience in curation and project management to this venture.