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Alex Fischer: Selected Works

Selected Works

Artist Statement

As a visual artist, I work on the frontier of expanded painting. This means that a riot of possible techniques and subjects are considered when working on a single piece. I practice a continuous reflexivity in order to address and critique the different psychological rationales and cultural schools of thought that history has provided. Working similarly to an abstract expressionist I layer and discover compositions through the creative process, one that coincides with what R.G. Collingwood described as “not expressing the unknown, but discovering the unknown.

I’m interested in painting specifically, as an object that bears a concrete, almost measurable evidence of labour on its surface. To develop these ideas, I use advanced digital image editing techniques to map out complex compositions. Essentially, I make images that blur the borders between media, challenge expectations, and let me enter into conversations about our culture and nature.

Paramount to all of this is an endeavour to engage audiences by making images that can seduce into contemplation both the naive glance and an informed critical gaze. I believe art can be a catalyst for making people aware of how perceptive they are already. The act of looking is all that is required.

Current prices range from $500 – $15,000 CAD depending on size and edition, with a few unique works exceeding the latter. Please contact the gallery for more information, including current availability and pricing.

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Trace • Copy • Render: Alex Fischer, Rita Maas, Susana Reisman, Sharon Switzer, Circuit Gallery @Prefix ICA, Toronto, September 2016