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Selected Works

Selected Works (Time Sensitive)

Artist Statement

My recent artistic practice involves multi-layered processes and explores volcanic and tectonic activity, and how the planet functions and evolves. Subtle changes occur over time and are often latent and not immediately visible. They come to be recognized incrementally. Simultaneously, some shifts can be dramatic and sudden. I am interested in these variations.

Thinking about photography as the core of my art making practice, I have come to understand the medium as being capable of operating in parallel to the planet’s ability to transform itself. The cataclysmic forces of nature, which include cycles of destruction and creation, are similarly present in my own work, but are active at a more intimate scale.

In my growing body of work, a drawing-like image in the form of a silver gelatin print representing the outline of a carving meets a heated film sculpture in a dark chamber made of wood and black chromogenic prints. Photography also enters into a dialogue with painterly moving images and sound, and printmaking merges with ceramics. This back and forth between media and techniques is symbiotic with a meditation on the movements of the planets over time, and it inspires my interpretation of geological formations through art making.

Heat, pressure, erosion, chemical reactions, imprinted traces, and extremes of light and dark are all key to the photographic hybrids that I create. These phenomena are in dynamic exchange in my work and migrate seamlessly between media such as carving, pyrography, printmaking, sculpture, photography and the moving image. This back and forth between processes allows for the emergence of a different kind of visual language that supports new forms and vocabularies.


Top: Matrix, Basalt (Pyrogravure Embossing), 2018; Bottom: Matrix Pyrogravure Embossing Ensemble 1 (diptych), 2019


Index Ensemble (1-12), 2018-19

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Photographic Sculptures

Disappearing Landscapes

Andréanne Michon

Disappearing Landscape 3, 2018

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n o w h e r e – Fractured

n o w h e r e – Fractured (25), 2018

Embossing with Transfer 2

Embossing with Transfer 2, 2019

Algorithmic Flight

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Collapse, 2019


Erosion, 2019


Monument, 2018

Once Glacier

Once Glacier (excerpt from video, total duration 7:00 minutes), 2018-19

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Andréanne Michon: Time Sensitive, Circuit Gallery, Toronto, 2020
Colliding: Jennifer Brandon & Andréanne Michon, SF Camerawork, San Francisco, 2019
indispensable things we had to do without, Curator: Cléa Massiani, Bass & Reiner Gallery, San Francisco, 2019

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