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Artist Statement

In this series, ‘Rubb-O-Gram’, I explore drawing with light, random form, and pattern. Photograms have provided us with a rich history of this type of inquiry. I am interested in the idea of direct representation with the use of light in the absence of traditional photographic materials, such as light sensitive paper and chemicals.

To create these images I randomly toss rubber bands onto the staging glass of an overhead projector. The projected image is then photographed as it falls onto a rear projection screen. The rubber bands function as a conveyor of line. As they drop onto the surface accidental shapes appear as the drawing builds. Patterns are formed at random. The pictures oscillate between documentation and abstraction. The photographic digital data is then altered to mimic the photogram’s negative properties. The constructed works are a selection of small prints arranged in a grid, imposing a structure of order upon the random patterns. The alignment is intentionally imperfect to imply entropy at play.

Rubb-O-Gram represents traces of what photography used to be and presents it in a new light.

Availability & Pricing

All prints are on archival baryta paper assembled and mounted on 22″ x 30″ single ply archival board.
Size is approximate as each vary slightly.
Each assemblage is unique.
Current prices start at $1200 USD.

Please contact the gallery for more information, including current availability and pricing.

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