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Barcelona Pavilion

Barcelona Pavilion

Artist Statement


the space in the photograph
power of intuition
a sense of place … marking that space and time
in the photograph.

grain of the film / photography … grain of drawing

i draw with the camera
an extension of the body
japanese MA / collapse of time and space
drawing / photography / film / architecture

a sense of the ordinary / everyday as remarkable
accidental possibilities / imperfection / incompleteness
the ephemeral / vulnerable

the narrative of place … re-thinking space and mapping
a visual diary
a new way of thinking about space in the moment

haptic photographs
photographs about slowness
a highly intuitive, conceptual process.

making sense of the world around me
a philosophy of the ordinary / everyday.
the banal, the simple … living in the moment.

photography as site
moving around and through the architecture / walls / film.
narrative of place / re-thinking space in relation to the body.

photographs coming from a space of intuition and instinctive intelligence.
the process of photography … corporeality, liminality, embodiment, ephemeral,
vulnerable situations.

drawing / photography as a system of thought, a visual structure at the intersection
of philosophy, the political and the deeply personal.

a thinking process in that moment in space and time
a diary / journal of that moment in time
a collage / a giant open notebook.
i find my way through the drawing, photograph, intuition and research…
the fluid space of the wall.

—Shelagh Keeley

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In Order to Join – the Political in a Historical Moment, curated by Swapna Tamhane and Susanne Titz, traveling exhibition, Max Mueller Bhavan / Goethe-Institute, Mumbai, and ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharajVastuSangrahalaya, Mumbai, February – April, 2015

Barcelona Pavilion, Circuit Gallery (at Prefix ICA), Toronto, Canada, January 2015


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