Art From The Anthologies, Alphabet City And Circuit Gallery To Offer Limited Editions


Art From The Anthologies, Alphabet City And Circuit Gallery
To Offer Limited Editions

Toronto, ON – October 27, 2009 — Toronto’s internationally acclaimed Alphabet City has found an ideal partner in Circuit Gallery. The two entities have joined forces to offer a series of very affordable limited edition artworks drawn from two decades of Alphabet City’s compelling, and always relevant, publications.

The collaboration, “Art from the Anthologies,” begins with works from Alphabet City’s newest anthology, Water (co-published with The MIT Press), with plans to offer material from previous editions in the near future. The works are exclusively available for purchase online through the Circuit Gallery website –

“Artists have always been central contributors to their thematic volumes,” says Claire Sykes, Circuit Gallery co-director. “We are very excited to be collaborating – both in raising funds for Alphabet City and in making available some very strong artwork.”

Artwork currently available includes special editions by Eamon Mac Mahon, Stefan Petranek, Meredith Carruthers and Susannah Wesley.

To mark the launch of this new collaboration a special event entitled Water, Life and Baths has been organized for Sunday, November 1, starting at 5:00 p.m. at The Department, 1389 Dundas Street West, Toronto, and is part of the larger ALPHABET CITY FESTIVAL 2009: WATER (October 31 – November 6, 2009). (Visit the Alphabet City website for more details).

The evening, moderated by Ian Brown, will convene three literary contributors to Water (all of them recent mothers) – Jowita Bydlowska, Astrida Neimanus, and Christie Pearson – who will read from their essays and reflect together on the life of watery beings. Artworks from the latest anthology, Water, will be on display for the event.

About Alphabet City

Alphabet City is a series of annual hardcover anthologies originating from Toronto, Canada. Each volume in the series addresses a one-word topic of global concern and draws on the diverse perspectives of writers and artists from many cultures and disciplines. Each book is a graphically rich and textually surprising combination of images and texts that critically and imaginatively reinvents the topic at hand.

About Circuit Gallery

Circuit Gallery specializes in high-end editions of works by emerging and established contemporary artists with an emphasis on photographic, digital and print-based works on paper. The gallery aims to make interesting, significant, quality, contemporary art more accessible by making it more affordable.


For more information, contact:

Claire Sykes, Partner, Circuit Gallery

Tel: 647-477-2487


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