Book Launch and Exhibitions – Alphabet City Festival 2010: AIR and TRASHFOODFUELWATERAIR

Alphabet City Festival 2011 - AIR

Alphabet City Festival 2010: AIR – Toronto Book Launch and Exhibitions

Toronto’s Alphabet City is celebrating the publication of its 15th anthology AIR – and the completion of its five-part biblioblitz on the environment – with events in NYC + Toronto.

The thin layer of atmosphere that clings to the surface of our planet is a fragile and corrupted brew. Air is in constant, restless migration around the globe, connecting us in the most intimate fashion. From the dust storms that sweep into Beijing from faraway deserts to the smog from Chinese factories that shrouds Los Angeles, our air, the ultimate commons, is tragically defenseless. Breathing air is an involuntary physical function, but keeping the air breathable requires acts of political imagination and will. AIR considers the condition of this basic component of life on earth from a range of perspectives. It reveals the thick materiality of air, air as stinky, clotted, corrupted matter – in a word, dirty. AIR leads us to perceive air, and the imperative to protect it, anew.

AIR art + talks + party – Toronto

Saturday, December 11, 3:00 p.m. – midnight

Toronto Free Gallery
1277 Bloor Street West (Lansdowne subway station), Toronto

Presented in partnership with Toronto Free Gallery and Circuit Gallery

ALL DAY – Exhibitions and Print Sale

3:00-6:00 p.m. – MUSEO AERO SOLAR: Help build a giant balloon artwork!

6:00-8:00 p.m. – CITIES OF AIR: Readings and interviews with four AIR authors: Diana Fitzgerald Bryden, Megan Griffith-Greene, Amanda Jernigan, and Lisa Rochon

8:00-midnight – PARTY-AIR!: Celebrate with the authors, artists, designers, partners and editors of the AIR project.

LEARN MORE – visit the AbC Festival site

Alphabet City Festival 2011 - AIR


December 11 through February 23, 2011
Toronto Free Gallery

Christine D'Onofrio, Smarties (Group of 4), 2004

Christine D'Onofrio, Smarties (Group of 4), 2004 - from the anthology FOOD

TRASHFOODFUELWATERAIR features fine art prints for sale from ABC’s five-volume series on the environment. The exhibition and print sale are part of our ongoing fundraising collaboration – Art from the Anthologies – with Alphabet City.

Find work, exclusively available through this project, by: Michael Cook, Eamon Mac Mahon, Stefan Petranek, Christine D’Onofrio, Ian Spence, Susana Reisman, Meredith Carruthers + Susannah Wesley (Leisure Projects), and Cynthia Lin.

Susana Reisman, from the Plastikos series, Untitled 1, 2002

Susana Reisman, Untitled 9 from the Plastikos series, 2002 - from the anthology TRASH

Eamon Mac Mahon, Lake Ice

Eamon Mac Mahon, Lake Ice, 2005 - from the anthology WATER

Michael Cook, Beaconsfield Overflow, Garrison Creek Relief Sewer, Toronto, 2008

Michael Cook, Beaconsfield Overflow, Garrison Creek Relief Sewer, Toronto, 2008 - from the anthology WATER

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