Photographer Eamon Mac Mahon talks about his practice

Perfect timing! Coinciding with SCENES FROM HERE, our CONTACT exhibition featuring his work, Daylight Magazine publishes Landlocked.

Daylight Magazine has just released Eamon Mac Mahon: LANDLOCKED, another in their series of multi-media features. Here Eamon Mac Mahon talk about his photographic work and inspiration.

Eamon Mac Mahon grew up at the edge of the boreal forest, in a coal mining town in the foothills of the Rockies. Ever curious, he wondered about the towns in the far northwest of Canada and Alaska that existed without any roads leading to them. These towns were quite literally landlocked and were situated amidst vast areas of uninhabited land. Beginning in 2004, Eamon began traveling with a bush pilot to visit and photograph these far-flung communities each autumn.

SCENES FROM HERE: Eamon Mac Mahon, Jim Verburg

Eamon Mac Mahon, Inuvik Airport

Eamon Mac Mahon, Inuvik Airport, (2008)


Timely new exhibition asks us to consider our complex relationship with nature

Toronto, ON, April 25, 2012 — Circuit Gallery is proud to present SCENES FROM HERE as a Featured Exhibition in the 2012 Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival.

This exhibition, curated by Claire Sykes, seeks to bring forward something of our complex and ambiguous relationship with nature, its role in our imaginary (specifically as represented in landscape) and our different experience and understanding of its reality (its strength and fragility).

SCENES FROM HERE presents the work of two photographers, Eamon Mac Mahon and Jim Verburg, whose considerably different interests in the natural landscape both seem predicated on a sense of disconnect and loss.

Mac Mahon is fascinated by our ideas and impressions of the ‘wilderness’, and the constant push-pull of man versus nature. He invites us to consider the range of attitudes that we have towards nature and to being in the natural world.

In a series of non-prescriptive images that focus on visual anecdotes: particular places, moments, and incidents, he effectively reveals our ambiguous relationship with nature, recognizing both its power as something unforgiving, destructive and “bigger than us” and its fragility as something in need of protection.

Jim Verburg’s photographs are not about specific places or nature itself, rather they are projections of psychic space—anthropomorphized conduits of moods and experience. The landscape and nature, often formally reduced to basic forms and elements (circles, light, water, fire, wood), function here as motif for the larger themes he explores in his work: interpersonal relationships, ideas of self and other, and our connectedness and difference.

For Verburg, being in nature, or ‘getting away’, becomes the ground or condition for connection, affording him that contemplative space to look inward, to strip things down and get in touch with what feels basic, honest and essential.

About the Artists
Eamon Mac Mahon is an award winning photographer/videographer currently based in Montreal. His photographs have appeared in various publications including the Walrus, National Geographic, and the New Yorker, as well as exhibition spaces such as the Griffin Museum of Photography, Higher Pictures NYC and San Jose’s Institute of Contemporary Art. A large-scale, year-long exhibition of his ‘Landlocked’ series, described as ‘magnificent and mysterious’ by the Globe and Mail, was presented at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport during CONTACT 2008. His video work has been exhibited at The Power Plant, The Detroit Institute of Arts, and the Music Gallery in Toronto. He is represented by Bau-Xi Photo.

Jim Verburg is a Toronto-based artist whose practice is mainly concerned with the complexities of relationships. His second film For a Relationship won the 2008 Jury Prize for the Best Canadian Short Film at the Inside Out Film Festival in Toronto. The work was also nominated for the Iris Prize in the UK. Recent exhibitions include a solo show at Widmer and Theodoridis Contemporary in Zurich, Portrait Study at the New Stage of National Theatre in Prague, Domestic Queens at the FOFA Gallery in Montreal, So Many Letdowns Before We Get Up at Platform Gallery in Winnipeg, and One and Two, a solo show at Le Mois de la Photo in Montreal. The show was awarded the 2011 Dazibao prize.

SCENES FROM HERE runs May 3 through 26 at Gallery 345, with an opening reception on Thursday May 3, from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.. Both artists will be in attendance.


Eamon Mac Mahon
Jim Verburg

May 3 – 26, 2012

Opening Reception: Thursday May 3, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

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Jim Verburg

Jim Verburg, Untitled (Diptych), 2011

Eamon Mac Mahon

Eamon Mac Mahon, Woodland Caribou, 2011

Jim Verburg

Jim Verburg, Untitled, 2012

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All About Water – Alphabet City’s Latest Anthology and Festival

We want to alert our readers to the launch of Alphabet City‘s excellent new publication WATER (now available though MIT Press), and this year’s WATER FESTIVAL (see line-up below) which starts October 31 and continues through November 6, 2009.

Alphabet City Water

Water—chemical matrix of life, transportation conduit, industrial feedstock, agricultural necessity—is coming under new pressures. This year Alphabet City considers the current state of this most vital substance, from the mythic to the infrastructural.”

The WATER festival includes HYDROCity–a panel, exhibition, and symposium series about the future of our cities’ relationship to water.

The festival also launches Water, Alphabet City’s 14th anthology, a hardcover, full-colour artbook co-published with The MIT Press.

Festival Events Quicklist
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NYC Events Quicklist

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About Alphabet City
Alphabet City is a series of annual hardcover anthologies originating from Toronto, Canada. Each volume in the series addresses a one-word topic of global concern and draws on the diverse perspectives of writers and artists from many cultures and disciplines. Each book is a graphically rich and textually surprising combination of images and texts that critically and imaginatively reinvents the topic at hand.