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Our Gift Certificates are a fun and easy
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How our Gift Certificates work.

When you purchase a Gift Certificate the recipient will receive an email notifying them of your gift and include the Gift Card displayed above, your personalized message, the amount given, and a redemption code. The recipient simply has to visit circuitgallery.com, choose their gift and apply the credit towards their purchase(s) by entering the Gift Card code when checking-out.

Please note that our Gift Certificates never expire and can be redeemed at any time and towards any (or multiple) purchase(s).

When determining an amount to give, you might want to consider our standard print sizes and prices ($30, $60, $120), applicable taxes and shipping charges. Shipping charges are determined by the delivery address and the shipping speed selected. Taxes are equally determined by the recipient's place of residence. For example, Canadian addresses will be charged both applicable Provincial and Federal sales taxes. For most international orders, taxes are not applicable.
[Learn more about duties and taxes in our FAQ section.]

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions about the Gift Certificate or would like assistance with estimating tax and shipping.