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Popsicle Fcae Spotti Fang Alter Piece, from the series "To Everything There is A Season" SPECIAL, Lamps Fake Rock, Real Life I Turned My Camera On (And Took This Picture) No.2 HAVE YOU SEEN Untitled 7 Shroud

Dean Baldwin
Popsicle Fcae, 2010

Title: Popsicle Fcae

Artist: Dean Baldwin

Medium: Photography; Inkjet Print

Date: 2010

Image Size: 20" x 15"

Edition: 500

Price: $120

About The Work

Popsicle Fcae

"This is in the line of edible products from a Central American dairy company that specializes in icy treats for hot days. I couldn't tell if this was designed to look this way, or had half melted somewhere and then been re-frozen."

About the Print

This edition, supervised by the artist, is printed with archival pigment inks on a glossy Fine Art paper. The ink and paper combination have a display permanence rating of 150+ years. All our prints are made with the greatest attention to quality and a concern for permanence.

About the Artist

Dean Baldwin

Dean Baldwin is an artist living and working, back and forth, between Toronto, Canada and London, England. He has been very busy lately, exhibiting work in Italy, Switzerland, Ireland and the U.K. Upcoming projects include the inaugural exhibit in the series “Toronto Now” at the AGO.

His work "Attempt at an Inventory" was published by MIT press in the Alphabet City Series FOOD edited by John Knechtel. His work has received reviews from The Globe and Mail, The National Post, ArtUS, Artforum, Voir, La Tribune, ICI, THIS, NOW and Eye Magazine.