Untitled 2 (In Dust)

Photography; Inkjet Print, 2010

Abstractions of refracted light, visible only “in dust”, emphasize the physical and chemical aspects of photography through the unique character of the negative. This work was inspired by phenomenons of light and rendered by means of large format photography. Comprised of both colour and black and white photographs, this body of work is an exercise in ‘seeing’ and photographic looking. Activated by its illusion, the black and white photograph in this series functions as an index from which to be referenced when considering the body of work. The crystal-like texture in this photograph reads as ‘something’, yet describes nothing but its subject ― illumination. These same devises exist in the colour photographs, however, the texture of the black and white photo is replaced by soft pastel hues that at once can reference the cosmic, the psychedelic, and the nostalgic. While they do invoke planets, sunsets, and even hard-edge painting, these semi-representational large-scale reproductions of the effects of light serve as opportunity to experience this spectrum in a way that can only be achieved through a series of lenses and mirrors.

Untitled 2 (In Dust)

Photography; Inkjet Print, 2010

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Robert Canali

b. 1988, Canada

Short Bio

Robert Canali is an artist living and working in Toronto, Ontario. His photographs and installation work have been exhibited frequently at venues including: O'Born Contemporary, the Flash Forward Festival in Toronto, Phantom Space Projects, The Gales Gallery at York University; Labspace Studio; Deleon White Gallery; and Gallery TPW. In addition to having work in numerous private collections in Canada and the US, Canali publishes limited edition artist books and exhibition catalogues under his co-run publishing house, Wassenaar. He has been the recipient of a Regional Arts Award from the Brampton council of Fine Arts as well as the Photography Honorarium Award from York University, and his work has been featured on the cover of the Canadian magazine BlackFlash. Canali's work is represented by O'Born Contemporary.



  • BFA (Honours) Visual Arts
Photography, York University, Toronto, ON, Canada

Solo Exhibitions

  • In Dust, Gales Gallery, Toronto, Ontario 2010

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • Photorama, Gallery TPW, Toronto, ON, Canada 2011
  • For the Lack of a Smile, O’Born Contemporary, Toronto, ON, Canada 2011
  • Atmospheres & Illuminations, Gales Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada 2010
  • Where is Here, Curated by Robyn McCallum & Danielle Forest. Flash Forward Festival, Toronto, ON, Canada 2010
  • 131, O'Born Contemporary, Toronto, ON, Canada 2010
  • Flat-Land, Gallery 1313, Toronto, ON, Canada 2010
  • Art School Dismissed, decommissioned Shaw Street School, Toronto, ON, Canada 2010
  • Synesthesia, York University, Toronto, ON, Canada 2010

Selected Publications

  • “Flash Forward Festival Catalogue”. Published by The Magenta Foundation: Toronto, ON, Canada 2010
  • “The Passive Collective”. Published and designed by Wassenaar (W8): Brampton, Edition of 104
  • BlackFlash (Cover Feature), Issue 27.3, Summer 2010
  • “Sync Resist”. Edited by Alex Fischer, Issue 1, Fall 2009

Robert Canali

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Robert Canali
Untitled 2 (In Dust), 2010
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