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Ian Spence
The Bucket Rider (Cover), 2009

Title: The Bucket Rider (Cover)

Artist: Ian Spence

Medium: Mixed Media; Digital Inkjet Reproduction

Date: 2009

Image Size: 8" x 10"

Edition: Open

Price: $25

About The Work

The Bucket Rider, 2009

A freezing man searches for fuel, his coal bucket so light he can ride it.

The Bucket Rider, is part of Ian Alexander Spence's contribution to AbC's AIR anthology.

About the Print

These editions, supervised by the artist, are printed with archival pigment inks on a matte Fine Art paper. The ink and paper combination have a display permanence rating of 150+ years. All our prints are made with the greatest attention to quality and a concern for permanence.

About the Artist

Ian Alexander Spence

Illustrations by New York-based artist Ian Spence have appeared in Sams Publishing’s Sharepoint Unleashed series, Paul Mitchell System’s Daily Do, Alphabet City’s Air, and the upcoming 5 Rules of Engagement, by Psychologics and KW Stratagems. He has created storyboards and production art for Picador Group, the Discovery Channel, and MSNBC, and has worked as an animator and art director in collaboration with musicians Robert Hunter and Mick Jones, adapted the works of L. Frank Baum, and animated a classic western radio broadcast.

In the advertising and branding fields, Ian has written copy and designed the web presences for DJ Knight Realty, Bumble & Bumble, Duke Chiropractic, Giaronomo Productions and many others. Currently he is the PowerPoint designer at Psychologics, a qualitative research branding firm, for clients including Merck, Sanofi Pasteur, Pepsi, Campbell’s, Crayola and JP Morgan Chase.