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I Turned My Camera On (And Took This Picture) No.2 Spotti Fang Alter Piece, from the series "To Everything There is A Season" SPECIAL, Lamps Fake Rock, Real Life HAVE YOU SEEN Popsicle Fcae Untitled 7 Shroud

Micah Lexier
I Turned My Camera On (And Took This Picture) No.2, 2009

Title: I Turned My Camera On (And Took This Picture) No.2

Artist: Micah Lexier

Medium: Photography; Inkjet Print

Date: 2009

Image Size: 20" x 16"

Edition: 500

Price: $120

About the Work

I Turned My Camera On (And Took This Picture) No.2

This is the second in a series of images that I made by turning my camera on and pressing the button – two quick actions made one right after the other. I did not look through the viewfinder or at the screen. It has nothing to do with the Spoon song of the same name but I do love the band and that song.

About the Print

This edition, supervised by the artist, is printed with archival pigment inks on a matte Fine Art paper. The ink and paper combination have a display permanence rating of 150+ years. All our prints are made with the greatest attention to quality and a concern for permanence.

About the Artist

Micah Lexier

Micah Lexier is a Winnipeg-born, Toronto-based artist. He curates occasionally and collects often – generally items made of paper, including out-of-print conceptual art documents, printed cardboard boxes, and various items found on the street. He has a deep interest in measurement, numbers, and the kinds of casual marks we make in our day-to-day lives. Lexier has had over 90 solo exhibitions, participated in over 150 group exhibitions and produced a dozen public commissions. Micah Lexier is represented in Toronto by Birch Libralato, in Calgary by TrepanierBaer, and in Berlin by the Gitte Weise Galerie.