Alphabet City

Alphabet City

Alphabet City

Art from the Anthologies

Circuit Gallery is delighted to be collaborating with Alphabet City to offer a series of limited edition artworks drawn from two decades of their compelling and always relevant projects and publications. Our fundraising collaboration includes works from TRASH (2006), FOOD (2007), WATER (2009) and the latest volume AIR (2010), all co-published with The MIT Press.
Proceeds help support Alphabet City.

Find work by Eamon Mac Mahon, Stefan Petranek, Michael Cook, Christine D'Onofrio, Ian Spence, Susana Reisman, Meredith Carruthers & Susannah Wesley, and Cynthia Lin.

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About Alphabet City

Alphabet City is a series of annual hardcover anthologies originating from Toronto, Canada. Each volume in the series addresses a one-word topic of global concern and draws on the diverse perspectives of writers and artists from many cultures and disciplines. Each book is a graphically rich and textually surprising combination of images and texts that critically and imaginatively reinvents the topic at hand.
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