Fine Art Inkjet Printing

Circuit Gallery is pleased to be able to offer very affordable Fine Art Inkjet Printing as a custom service for artists, commercial photographers and anyone else concerned with producing top-quality archival prints.

Our Printers

We use HP Designjet Z3200 printers, the latest in Hewlett-Packard's professional printing technology for all our large-format pigment printing. These printers are state of the art and considered top-of-the-class in the large format fine art category.

Using HP's new Vivera Ink Set—a 12 pigment ink set which includes the new Chromatic Red ink that substantially extends the gamut of its pigment-based prints, a new Quad-Black ink set that produces extremely neutral grays for exceptional black-and-white printing, and a built in Gloss Enhancer that substantially reduces the effects of "bronzing"—these pigment printers produce truly exceptional quality fine art prints and boast the highest print permanence ratings.

Our Papers and Media

We can print on a range of different media (Photographic papers, Fine Art papers, Canvas, Transparent media, etc.) and have a variety of different Photographic and Fine Art media in stock (Hahnemühle, Canson, HP Fine Art, Moab, Magiclée). Please ask us for a complete list. If we do not have a specific media in stock we can certainly order it for you.

Our HP Photographic Paper

HP Premium Instant-Dry Gloss Photo Paper

260 g/m2

24", 36" roll paper

HP Premium Instant-Dry Satin Photo Paper

260 g/m2

24", 36" roll paper


Our HP Fine Art Paper

HP Matte Litho-Realistic Paper

260 g/m2

24", 36" roll paper


Note: All prints made with HP Vivera Pigment Inks and our HP media have display permanence ratings of 200+ years and are considered "archival." We can certainly provide more details about other Permanence Ratings should you wish (as tested through both Hewlett-Packard and Wilhelm Imaging Research).

Our Pricing

Our pricing is based on our HP roll paper stock (as listed above). For all other papers please call us to price out the specific stock (sheet or roll media). We set our prices according to roll / sheet size and paper usage (per inch), these include white borders.

  • 24" roll x 1" = $2.40
  • 36" roll x 1" = $3.15
  • 44" roll x 1" = please email or call to request pricing


For example, two 16"x20" prints laid out side-by-side, vertically, on an 36" roll give you a final print size of 36"x21". This would calculate as 21 x $3.15 and cost $66.15 in total (which comes to $33 per print). It is in your best interest to figure out the most economical layout of your prints based on the roll sizes we use. We are more than happy to help.

Note: The cost of a proof (detail or strip) is the same as a final print. The minimum size proof/print accepted by our printers on roll paper is the standard width of the roll x 7 inches.

Print Files

There are different ways of submitting your digital files. Contact us and we will give you instructions for easy uploading, or you can submit your files on DVD. All files must be print-ready and preferably set-up on a "canvas size" relative to the roll size chosen.

We can cut prints to size upon request for an additional cost ($1.00 per cut).

Optimum results will be obtained by doing the following:

1. calibrating your monitor
2. setting either Adobe RGB (1998) or ProPhoto RGB (and working in 16-bit) as the color profile
3. ensuring that your images are clean, set to the correct size, proportions and resolution – ie. print-ready

Should you want assistance setting up your files or with optimization please ask about our rates.

Other Digital Services

Image Optimization (retouching, colour correction, editing) - our rates depend on the nature of the work and range between $30-50/hr (minimum 1 hour).
High Resolution Scanning (positives, negatives, documents) - please ask
Photographic Services (artwork documentation, copy-stand or on-site photography) - please ask

Contact Us

Please contact us for more information about our printing and related services. We would be more than happy to answer any questions, show you paper samples, or give you a quote.

By Telephone: 647-477-2487

By Email: