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Current Exhibition


Donald Weber

November 27 - December 20, 2014

Opening Reception
Thursday, November 27, 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Circuit Gallery @ Prefix ICA
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 124
Toronto, ON, M6R 2G5

Interrogating the Interrogator. Donald Weber's award-winning photography project Interrogations set for Canadian premiere in our latest exhibition.

Donald Weber, Interrogation X, 2010

Featured Artist

Robert Bean

Circuit Gallery is pleased to offer work by senior Canadian artist Robert Bean from his series Writing Machines.

About these Editions

Exploring the idea of obsolescence, in this case obsolete technology, Robert Bean gives us a series of exquisite photographs of typewriters taken at the Peter Mitterhofer Typewriter Museum in Partschins, Italy. These "writing machines" are part of Bean's ongoing project investigating photography and its relationship to memory, technology, language and experience.

Robert Bean, Crandall, 2006

Work Available

Eamon Mac Mahon

Circuit Gallery is pleased to offer work by Eamon Mac Mahon.

Mac Mahon, who has focused on landscape since 2004 and spent much of his time working in the Canadian North, has a deep interest in our relationship with nature, its role in our imaginary, and our different experience and understanding of its reality. His landscape imagery is evocative of both the strength and fragility of our environment, and our complex and at times ambiguous relationship to it. Mac Mahon portrays, by way of visual anecdote, particular places, moments, and incidents to reveal both the power of nature as something unforgiving, destructive and "bigger than us" and its fragility as something in need of protection.

Eamon Mac Mahon, Woodland Caribou, 2011

Gallery News

New Exhibition Home
Circuit Gallery @ Prefix ICA

Circuit Gallery is pleased to announce that we have a new exhibition home as we have entered a presentation partnership with Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art.

Starting in 2014, Circuit Gallery @ Prefix will present four exhibitions a year at this respected venue located in the 401 Richmond building, a destination arts-hub in downtown Toronto.

Our first exhibition, Embedded, featured new work by Canadian photographer Donald Weber and Ukrainian born, U.S. based photographer Dima Gavrysh. Our second exhibition, which opens in August, will present work by Chicago-based artist Judy Natal.

Featured Artist

Akihiko Miyoshi

Circuit Gallery is pleased to offer work by Portland-based artist Akihiko Miyoshi, including work from his project entitled Abstract Photographs which we recently exhibited in the 2013 Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival.

In Abstract Photographs Miyoshi explores the intersection between art and technology, centrally dealing with questions specific to photographic representation by cleverly exploiting the conventions of perception and representation and creating tensions between digital and analogue techniques.

Akihiko Miyoshi, Abstract Photograph (122111a) (detail), 2011

Featured Artist

Andrew Wright

Circuit Gallery is pleased to offer a series of limited editions by Canadian artist Andrew Wright.

About the Featured Editions

In the series Water's Edge, Wright turns his attention to water, and not just any water, but the rapids precipitously close to Niagara Falls.

These raw images of North America's largest standing waves probe both fiction and reality. They are images of near impossible complexity that engulf, astound, and confound.

Left: Andrew Wright, Standing Wave #3, (detail) from the series Water's Edge, 2007

New Works

Andrew Emond

Circuit Gallery is pleased to have new work by Canadian photographer Andrew Emond from his ongoing project Water Courses.

Water Courses is a meaningful look at the relation of natural water flow—rivers, creeks, tributaries—and their manipulation, as we corral, channel and redirect them to meet our needs and accommodate urban development.

At once beautiful and edging on surreal his study serves as a reminder of the natural beauty that can be found in the city, where concrete meets nature and where nature persists. The images prompt consideration of the issues that effect these waterways and the balance needed in sustainable development.

Andrew Emond, Expressway culvert outlet, West Highland Creek (detail), 2012

Projects + Collaborations

Art from Montreal in collaboration with Satellite Magazine

Circuit Gallery is pleased to partnering with Satellite Magazine to offer a series of limited-edition artworks from the magazine. Satellite is an exciting new biannual magazine that focuses on cities, culture and politics. Each issue features an in-depth look at a single city, alongside interviews, art, and nonfiction.

Our collaboration starts with their second issue, which focuses on the city of Montreal, and features great work by: Marie-Claire Blais, Thomas Kneubühler and Matt Shane.

Thomas Kneubuhler, Electric Mountain #14, 2009

Featured Artist

Robert Canali

Circuit Gallery is pleased to offer work by Toronto based artist Robert Canali from his project In Dust.

About these Editions

Robert Canali gives us a series of highly abstract and beautiful images about light and its corollary colour. Exploring the oppositions between the tangible and the intangible, abstraction and representation, Canali uses the very materials of photography—glass, paper, film, fluorescent tubes—to give objective representation to the essential yet utterly immaterial aspects of the medium.

From the series In Dust, 2010

Selling fast!

Alejandro Cartagena

Circuit Gallery is pleased to offer a striking series of new works by Mexican-based photographer Alejandro Cartagena from his award winning project Car Poolers.

Offering a different take on 'car pooling', Cartagena continues his pointed investigation of the complex issues relating to unhampered suburban expansion.

Alejandro Cartagena, Untitled Car Poolers #2 (detail), 2011

Featured Artist

Paulo Catrica

Circuit Gallery is pleased to offer a series of exquisite pictures taken inside the Teatro Nacional de São Carlos, the home of the Portuguese National Opera in Lisbon, by Portuguese photographer Paulo Catrica.

Devoid of people or action, and deceptively straightforward, Catrica's photographs seem to concern themselves with presenting the non-public spaces of this heritage building—offering us a privileged look behind the scenes. While indeed documenting the interior of São Carlos, Catrica's photographs are less interested in these "backstage" spaces as such, as they are in what is happening to them. Despite their objective emptiness the presence and industry of people and the past are palpable. Catrica's study is a response to the perceived trend toward the wholesale acquisition and importation larger pre-packaged European productions.

Paulo Catrica, Lfc 450 1/8/2006 15:07hrs f32/4 sec., 2006, 2006

Featured Artist

Susana Reisman

Circuit Gallery is excited to offer new work by Toronto-based artist Susana Reisman from her series Domestic Disclosures.

About these Editions

Creating homages from objects found around her house – food stuff, office supplies, dishes and cleaning items – Reisman playfully speaks to the ‘history of art’ and engages with the idea of influence. Here she playfully nods towards William Wegman's series Before/On/After from 1972.

Susana Reisman,Permutations (after William Wegman) #7, 2009

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